Join the world of Quablo™

One click to install, one click to open your PDF files, one click to export thousands of tables in Excel format
A new way to extract data: quick, easy and effective

Quick and Easy

With a few clicks it extracts data from tables in PDF, PDF/A and from image files


It is able to recognize, without human intervention, both bordered tables, and regular non-bordered tables

Simple and intuitive

It offers a simple and intuitive graphical interface enabling data extraction even from tables with irregular structure and without grid


It allows the user to modify the structure of the recognized table and to select only the relevant information


It exports data to XLS, XML, TXT, CSV, and HTML files. It is compatible with Windows 32/64 bit s and requires Java 1.6 *


The interface is available in both English
and Italian


€79.00iva not included

  • Data extraction from tables of any kind
  • Support for PDF and PFD/A
  • Data export to XML, XLS, TXT, CSV, HTML
  • Customizable instruments
  • Graphical interface in both English and Italian

Quablo™ API

€990.00iva not icluded

  • All OCR Quablo’s features
  • plus
  • Interfacing with
  • third-party systems by API

More than 30 features just a click away

PDF Loading

  • Opening of PDF files
  • Opening of scanned PDF and image files (Quablo OCR only)
  • Opening of a PDF typing the URL
  • Loading of one or more PDF (including PDF/A) files through drag&drop
  • Support for PDF protected by password
  • Controls for PDF files visualization and navigation
  • PDF pages thumbnails
  • Managing of PDF collections

Tables Recognition

  • Automatic recognition of bordered tables
  • Automatic recognition of non-bordered tables with regular structure
  • Interactive recognition of irregular tables
  • Automatic positioning on next/previous recognized table
  • Real time preview of recognized tables
  • Selective extraction of data (composite) and dynamic composition of output table
  • Filters to recognize and export just tables with a specific structure (Video)
  • Creation of templates to save and reuse extraction schema
  • Application of pre-existing templates to one or more PDF files
  • Recognition of tables displayed on computer screen (Quablo™ OCR only)

Data Export

  • Data export to XLS
  • Data export to XML
  • Data export to TXT
  • Data export to CSV
  • Data export to HTML
  • Batch data export
  • On-the-fly data sending to Microsoft Excel

Report & Customization

It’s easy to make reports with Quablo

  • Report visualization for extraction processes
  • Console for process monitoring

Quablo allows you to customize interface, parameters and format

  • GUI layout customization
  • Configuration of parameters used for automatic tables recognition
  • Configuration of the output format

Support and Maintenance

  • Welcome Screen and contextual guideline
  • Software error submission through GUI
  • Automatic software updates notification

Integration with other system

  • Integration with third-party systems through API